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Please take advantage of these resources available to parents and families in Arkansas to support children's health and development.

Child Health and Development

ARKids First - Medical Insurance

ARKids First provides health insurance to more than 70,000 Arkansas children who otherwise might have gone without. ARKids First offers two coverage options. ARKids A offers low-income children a comprehensive package of benefits. ARKids B provides coverage for families with slightly higher incomes. Eligibility for ARKids First is based on your family income and other factors. Only the income of the parents and the children you want covered is counted. Children must be under age 19 and living in your home. Children must be U.S. citizens or qualified legal aliens. If your children are not U.S. citizens, you must provide documentation of the child’s alien status. More information and an ARKids First application is linked here or can be obtained at the front desk or in the Parent Resource area.

Medical Home

The Patient-Centered Medical Home in Arkansas is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for children, youth, and adults.  The Patient-Centered Medical Home in Arkansas is a healthcare setting that facilitates partnerships between individual patients and their personal physicians and, when appropriate, the patient's family. The full packet from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) can be found below.

Child's Health and Wellness

Children with Chronic Medical Conditions should follow this Medical Care Plan.

  • (--------------Link PDF)

Take note of articles and resources each month in our school newsletter.  These will be emailed, posted in our social media parent groups and available at the center in our parent resource library. Here are a few resources


Casa Castillo is a lunchbox school. Parents are required to send a healthy lunch for their child.  Refer to the following links for information on lunches.

Physical Activity

Physical activity along with gross motor and fine motor development are essential to children.  Here are a few resources to continue to support healthy children.

Stages of Child Development

Teachers and caregivers are constantly monitoring children's growth and development.  Please refer here to know our center's complete plan for identifying and supporting children who require Individualized Educational Plans.

  • (------------Insert PDF for Educational Plans) 

Twice a year parents will be invited to join teachers in a Parent/Teacher Conference to review observations and recommended milestones based on the American Academy of Pediatrics.

You can learn more about what to expect at each stage of development by following this link on preparing your child for life. 

Help your children develop well by understanding what the experts recommend on Child Development.  Take note of articles and resources each month in our school newsletter.  These will be emailed, posted in our social media parent groups and available at the center in our parent resource library. Here are a few resources

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Casa Castillo Page

Welcome to Casa Castillo!

Bienvenidos! By enrolling your child in Casa Castillo, you are not only providing him with the highest quality of education and care, but you are also becoming a part of a very special community of multicultural individuals. The families that make up our school are a very special population. They make us what we are. These families come from various walks of life with diverse experiences and backgrounds. They all come together to create a beautiful tapestry of students. We are so pleased to have parents who support our program and partner with us to create the best possible experience for our students. We hope you will connect with them as we are sure you will develop lasting friendships, not to mention a support network as you embark on this journey as parents of a bilingual, multicultural child.

For your first day:

Bring the following items:

  • Lunch box with a healthy meal.
  • Refillable water-bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Diapers and wipes (for infants and toddlers)
  • Naptime blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal as relevant for your child to be comfortable during naptime.
  • Change of clothes and naptime materials can stay at school. Naptime bedding will be sent home every Friday to be laundered. Talk with your child’s teacher to know where these personal items belong in the classroom.

Check In & Check Out

Check-in in the front lobby. Your student PIN number gets allows you to sign your child in and also gain access to the classrooms. Make sure to LABEL EVERYTHING! Even shoes and jackets that may be removed during the day. Check the lost and found regularly so that these things don’t pile up.

Healthy Separation

Drop off can be a difficult time for some children. Especially during transitions. Trust your child’s teacher! Teachers will be giving their utmost attention to students during drop off to help them get settled and transition into the classroom. Teachers want to communicate with you and need to hear any relevant information about how your child is at the handoff. It is appropriate to take a minute to touch base with the teacher. However if they are occupied with children, please be understanding and pass any messages onto the office staff. We will make sure to communicate with the teachers. The more calm and confident you are at drop off, the more calm and confident your child will be. We love having parents in the classroom and during our window of drop-off and pick-up time and possibly at other times throughout the day, we welcome you to linger and spend some time with your child in their school environment. When it is time to say goodbye, be brief and go! We will take good care of them and they will soon get settled. Make a plan with your child’s teacher and the director as needed. We are here to help!

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