Suzuki Music Program

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Private Lessons

This is what everyone thinks of when they think of “music lessons”. This is a once-a-week lesson where individual attention is given to the student and their specific needs on the instrument. Students will learn correct technique, develop confidence in their sound, learn to problem solve, and how to practice productively at home. Our music lessons focus on the Suzuki repertoire, but other styles of music are often incorporated, including fiddle, chamber, popular, jazz and improvisation, and orchestral music.

Group Music & Movement

Once a week, students will have an opportunity to play with their peers in a social environment. Group lessons reinforce what students have learned in private lessons. In addition to reviewing material, classes will focus on technical development, performance preparation, and ensemble-playing skills.

Youth Orchestra Participation

Students will develop confidence and composure as they practice ensemble and performance skills. They will practice note reading and gain experience reading and playing orchestral music. Students will perform, receive instruction and guidance on technique, musicality, stage presence, and professionalism. Ensembles will have performance opportunities in class as well as in a variety of community settings.

Parent Education & Support

As part of our enrollment process, new parents will attend Parent Education classes that highlight all important aspects of the Suzuki approach, as well as offer insight into parent-child relationships. Parents will be empowered to be the home teacher and coach. Parents will be involved in all aspects of their child’s music education and these meetings give everyone an opportunity to share ideas both from the teacher and other successful parents.

Recitals & Performances

We practice to perform! Students crave the stage and will be given ample opportunities to showcase their progress in lessons and group classes. Solo Recitals are special occasions where students play with a piano accompanist and experience what it is like to perform alone on stage. All students should plan to participate in Solo Recitals. Each group class will also prepare fun presentations showcasing their abilities. Community outreach performance opportunities will be made available in group settings throughout the community at different times.

Special Events

In collaboration with other string programs, The Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra, NWA Suzuki School of Music, the Ozark Philharmonic Youth Orchestras, Bentonville Public School Orchestras, amongst others, we will participate in many events and full concerts. Among these events are the annual Spooky Suzuki Concert, String Fling, and Christmas around the World, Caroling Strings, Ozark Suzuki Institute and more.

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