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We are pleased to provide Northwest Arkansas with a comprehensive after-school Spanish language program. Students will expand their worldview, learn tolerance and acceptance, increase language skills, and develop confidence in conversing with adults and peers. Students will have the option to enroll in piano, violin, viola, or cello lessons while in care. They can be pulled from class for a lesson once a week and assisted in practice every day. This offers them a high quality extra curricular right on site. Parents will be expected to practice with students on the weekend. We do not provide transportation, but we do have solutions to help parents arrange transportation from the schools to our facility. Give us a call to talk about options for transportation.


After all day at school, children need a safe place to relax, let out their energy, and enjoy their afternoon. Caregivers will work with parents to provide the ideal care for each child. We will provide a snack, assist with homework and music practice, allow children to play, create, and explore. Caregivers will be bilingual but will only speak English when absolutely necessary. We will insist that children use the Spanish language and strengthen their vocabulary while meeting their basic needs.


During our summer camps, students will enjoy diverse activities each day with games, music and movement, dramatic play, visual arts and crafts, and more to encourage language development in the Spanish language. Each week there is a specific theme that will focus our language learning and activities. There will be diverse activities to fit all developmental levels and interests of students. We will give students all the fun and excitement they crave in a summer camp, completely immersed in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Tuition & Fees

There is a $50 Registration Fee due for all students. (Price is set and is not dependent on hours in care.) There will be no refund or credit if children are picked up before 6:00pm. Prices are based on a monthly rate. Payment is due the 25th of the month previous. VIEW PRICING


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